Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Solutions

Do you sweat a lot? Do you find the nasty sweat stains embarrassing? Do you find it uncomfortable to raise your arms? If yes, chances are that you are suffering from Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by excessive sweating. This medical condition can affect the whole body or a specific area. While this condition is not life-threatening, it can cause psychological trauma to the patient. 

It is generally divided into two sections: 

  • Generalized hyperhidrosis – In this condition, a person can experience excessive sweating on the entire body. 
  • Focal hyperhidrosis – A person suffering from focal hyperhidrosis experiences excessive sweating on a particular section of the body. 

Causes While there is no obvious cause for the onset of this medical condition, it may result from several identifiable causes. Some of the most commonly known triggers include: o Various medications O Menopause or pregnancy O Overactive thyroid gland o Anxiety o Infection o Hypoglycaemia 

Treatment Hyperhidrosis is treated by making certain lifestyle changes. A person should: 

  • Avoid wearing tight fitted clothing 
  • Avoid triggers that can make the condition worse 
  • Avoid wearing black clothes 
  • Wear light and loose clothing 

While lifestyle changes can help some people to see improvement, others may need to consult a physician. 

BOTOX® treatment for excessive sweating is performed for patients in New York and Brooklyn. The most common areas for Botox treatment of excessive sweating include: o Armpits o Hands o Feet o Chest