kalon Dermatology

Dermatology & Aesthetics located in Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY

kalon Dermatology is a state-of-the-art dermatology practice in Staten Island and the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The highly skilled and experienced providers at the practice offer an array of skin therapies tailored to meet individual needs.


Our incredible team has been serving our community for over 60 combined years.

We offer an array of innovative therapies tailored to fit your specific needs.
At kalon Dermatology your beauty will be felt and seen, a beauty that is more than skin deep.


We have a multilingual staff that can speak English, Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese.


The dermatology practice treats people of all ages, including children, teens, and adults using advanced techniques and technology. The providers at kalon Dermatology specialize in diagnosing and treating common skin concerns like acne, rashes, warts, psoriasis, and eczema.


They perform skin cancer testing and treat hair loss and skin infections. The modern practice also offers Botox® injections to reduce imperfections.


At kalon Dermatology, the compassionate team is always respectful of each patient’s time. As beauty is more than skin deep, they value each patient’s concerns and goals to offer them the best aesthetic care plans.


kalon Dermatology has a multilingual staff that speaks English, Russian, Hebrew, and Mandarin.


For comprehensive dermatology care from a dedicated team, call kalon Dermatology or schedule an appointment online today.