Keloid Scar Problems and Treatments

What is a keloid? Not everyone who gets a scar will develop a keloid. If you have keloid-prone skin, however, anything that can cause a scar may lead to o keloid. This includes a cut, burn, or severe acne. Some people see a keloid after they pierce their ears or get a tattoo. A keloid can also form as chickenpox clear. Sometimes, a surgical scar becomes a keloid.A keloid (key-laid) is a type of raised scar. Unlike other raised scars, keloids grow much larger than the wound that caused the scar. 

  • In very rare cases, keloids form when people do not injure their skin. These are called ‘spontaneous keloids.’ 
  • A keloid usually takes time to appear. After an injury, months can pass before this scar appears. A keloid can also form more quickly. 
  • Once it begins, a keloid can enlarge slowly for months or years.