Expert Cyst Removal Services | Kalon Dermatology

What is a cyst? Cysts or closed sac-like structures that occur on the skin. They are generally filled with semisolid materials, certain gases, and/or liquid materials, such as pus or blood. 


Most cysts are asymptomatic and have no associated symptoms. However, some cysts on the skin, mucous membranes, and those located within the organ system,are felt as a lump or raised portion of tissue. In many cases cysts are painful. 


Cyst Removal Surgery Cysts are usually found either on the skin’s surface or using ultrasounds, MRI’s or X-rays. Most cysts are relatively benign and can go without treatment, however, cosmetically mony seeks out cyst removal options. 


One method of removal is by aspirating the cyst. This is done using a needle or catheter to collapse and drain the cyst as one would do with a pimple. The contents of the cyst are drained out, and it will generally heal as long so there isn’t a greater underlying issue causing it. 


For larger cysts that cannot be aspirated surgical measures are required. The area is numbed and using a scalpel or surgical knife the cyst is cut and removed from the skin’s surface. In many cases cysts can also be removed using laser skin resurfacing, however this is dependent on the size and type of cyst present.