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What is Acne? Acne is a treatable common medical condition that generally affects people in their adolescence, but people of any age can experience acne. The term acne is used to describe red pimples, blackheads, large nodules or whiteheads. Acne can appear on the shoulders, chest, back, arms, and buttocks; however, they most commonly affect a person’s face. 


What Makes Acne Worse? Acne is not seen as a serious problem as they tend to subside in the late teens. However, for patients who continue to experience acne throughout their adulthood, it is almost impossible to predict when they will get rid of it.

What is acne surgery? The most useful and easiest lifestyle change a person can make is to avoid picking, popping or playing with acne. Playing around with acne will make the bump stay bumpier for long. Apart from this lifestyle change, you can choose to take up different medications and a combi-nation of acne surgery. 


At Long Island Dermatology we use a few methods of acne surgery in order to help keep your skin clear and smooth. In the event that medication and other methods don’t work, surgery becomes needed.